basement hurts in the new bus station bag

 basement hurts in the new bus station bag

New bus station to the favorite basement of Turkey

also bus number bay that Turkey's popular basement districts in 30b of 759 m2 on making the bus station planned basement in July completed 95% of its new format boot off the bekleniyor.türkiye for the first time in a short time completed smart bus station to charge electric vehicles are on the six stations located in 21 , the number of minibus platforms is 45, the number of minibus storage platforms is 10, the parking lot is 157, the closed parking lot is 19, the disabled parking lot is 8 vehicles.

So what about the old bus station?

Due to the fact that the existing bus station in the center of Bodrum is only one way, the problem of the basement people who are not satisfied with the traffic jam is expected to be solved when the problem is transferred to the new bus station. We don't have a plan for our old bus station at the moment, but this bus station said that they will determine what needs to be done instead of the old bus station by exchanging ideas for the basement people.