Measures taken by hotel accommodation facilities for the 2020 Summer season in Bodrum

Measures taken by hotel accommodation facilities for the 2020 Summer season in Bodrum

Bodrum Hotels of importance for coronavirus (Covid – 19)

As a result of this Coronavirus outbreak in the world, the tourism sector in our country has been negatively affected by the developments. However, with the start of the process of normalization in our country, tourism activities were also moved again. During this process a number of measures were developed for hotels operating in the sector. Bodrum hotels and accommodation facilities at this stage published circulars and measures taken with their own savings are aiming to welcome the guests who plan their holiday in Bodrum in the healthiest way. Well, you decided to take a vacation in Bodrum. How should you proceed with the transfers from the airport to your hotel? As Bodrum Vip Transfers, we are here to provide you with a healthy and safe transfers process. We especially want you to know that our vehicles are cleaned in accordance with hygiene rules before all guest transfers. We follow all circulars and official documents to the publication about the process meticulously. We often inform our captains who provide VIP Transfers services in Bodrum during this process. If you have a request about Bodrum Transfers, you can contact us with peace of mind. You can book online via our website.

The Importance Of Accommodation Facilities

There are many accommodation options in Bodrum which cater to different income levels. These accommodation facilities come to the fore with hotels, hostels, apart hotels and villas that have entered a rapid upward trend in recent years. The following are some of the measures to be taken in light of the circulars issued by our government for coronavirus (Covid – 19) that these accommodation facilities must comply with. Hotels will accept guests below their capacity. This will prevent more people from being together at the same time. As it used to be, the hotel room was cleaned within 2 hours after emptying and made ready for the new customer and the rooms were planned to remain empty for at least 12 hours. During this time the rooms will be cleaned and ventilated with disinfectant materials.There are also some precautions that guests staying at the hotel should take. Within the scope of these measures, masks should be worn in the relevant areas, physical distance rules should be followed and attention should be paid to hand hygiene. In addition, it should be noted that some of the facilities operating within the hotel can not be used at any time as it used to be and guests can use this service with the appointment system.Within the scope of the measures taken during the Covid-19 process, especially hotels should pay attention to the distance from each other of the sunbeds located on the beach. Adequate physical distance between the deckchairs will be taken care of. After the guest leaves the chaise lounge, the other guests who will use the chaise lounge will be cleaned in accordance with the hygiene rules. In restaurants serving as open buffet, some measures have been taken to ensure that guests pay attention to the physical distance from the restaurant while taking their food. Under these measures, guests will now be served at their desks by staff on duty rather than taking their food themselves. In order to ensure that the restaurants are not too crowded at the same time, measures such as the appointment system or the time of arrival of the guests will be taken in advance.Staff working in the kitchens of the hotel will be provided to prepare food and drink using protective equipment. The table layout of the restaurants serving a la card must be arranged in accordance with the physical distance rule. Common tea and coffee machines have now been decommissioned. Instead, staff will serve tea and coffee. The materials used for serving, such as plates, cutlery, cups, will be either disposable or disinfected before being reused in a very good way. During this process, hotels will take care to include immune system-boosting foods and drinks in the food they serve their guests.There are some precautions that Mini Club hotels should take within the scope of these measures. Indoor areas where children play often should be ventilated and children should be removed to fresh air. The materials and surfaces the children play on will be cleaned repeatedly by staff during the time the children are outside.As a result, we are able to overcome this process with the measures we have taken. When choosing the hotel or accommodation facility where the guests planning their holiday in Bodrum region are planning to go, it is very important to investigate how much the facility does not comply with the rules mentioned above. However, as Bodrum Airport Transfers, We are here to serve you in the healthiest and safest way. Of course you don't have to give up your holiday plan this year. By following the rules and choosing the right companies or the right facilities, you can spend your holiday in Bodrum peninsula in a nice way, starting with the Bodrum Transfers team.