Yalıkavak Transfers

Yalıkavak Transfers

Yalıkavak Transfers Yalıkavak private basement airport transfers are the only address for comfort and confidence. We are happy to serve you with our economic prices. Yalikavak vip transfers will provide you with pleasure to meet you with our luxury and comfort vehicles. The Yalikavak transfers are the only address that you trust and friendship is shared with the basement economic vip transfers. Now if you are still living your journey experience with our prices with our economic transfers right now. Let us briefly introduce the Yalikavak bay, which is the most popular destination of the basement peninsula.

Yalıkavak Vip Transfers


Yalıkavak, which is 18 km away from Bodrum, is located to the north-east of the peninsula. Yalikavak transfer A journey from Bodrum to Yalikavak takes you to a row of windmills and then to the unique view of Yalikavak coast. Yalikavak, which was originally a sponge village and the birthplace of the most famous sponge of the peninsula, has now become a very important tourist destination. Yalikavak transfer Yalikavak is at the forefront with the windmills, beautiful koyler, sandy beaches and the tourism facilities which are in the last years and located on the shores. From the researches made, the history of Yalikavak dates back to BC. It is understood that the first inhabitants of this place descended to the year 2000 were the Lelegs. Yalikavak transfers Rock tombs around Yalikavak, wall remains are silent witnesses of Yalikavak's rich history. That is to say, Yalikavak'ın Pasha, Tilkicik and Agabbasi village and Küdür half island is very famous. Yalikavak attracts many local and foreign visitors with its unique, private, noiseless atmosphere, many distinguished restaurants and hotels. Yalikavak, which is the port of Sandima village on the hill in the past, has gained importance because the population migrated here. The settlement, which took its name in 1923 in Yalikavak, became a municipality after a certain population density. Yalıkavak transfers

Yalikavak Airport Transfers

Yalikavak Airport Transfers service to our valued guests in the fast booking section of your web site by selecting the desired destinations by choosing the best vehicle with the most appropriate vehicle can enjoy the economic vip transfers yalıkavak transfers reservation to the operation section will be dropped.Daha after the current information from you in the airport operation center in the future date and time information you will be greeted by the paper written in your name at the basement airport gate and then you will be directed to Yalikavak vip transfers Mercedes vito vehicles specially allocated for you. Yalikavak transfers We wish you a happy holiday and wish you a holiday in peace Yalikavak transfers Experience a quality, safe and hassle-free experience with our affordable prices